Helping Someone with a Drinking Problem

There can be a lot of pressure on the hero to be the “golden child” which can lead to a different kind of struggle. However, certain food groups also have benefits when it comes to helping with the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and detoxification. It’s not necessarily the best idea to confront your loved one on your own. Instead, it’s best to encourage them to get help without accusations or judgment. Ben Lesser is one of the most sought-after experts in health, fitness and medicine.

Be prepared to involve a professional
The best you can do is try. After all, you obviously have a relationship with that person which can stand in the way of how objective and firm you are. As a result, you may not be able to motivate your alcoholic friend or family member into seeking professional help. If things go down this road, don’t be afraid to involve a professional alcohol intervention specialist.

Best Practices for Living with an Alcoholic

If you know they drink a lot and/or drink frequently and they have at least a few of these symptoms, chances are there is a problem with alcohol. This could include seeing a therapist, putting physical distance between you and your loved one, or having a trusted friend to call when things get tough. Whether you’re observing how to live with an alcoholic Dry January or reducing or eliminating alcohol, these drinks are a refreshing change of pace. I decided to experiment with winter fruit to create three simple drink recipes that can be shaken, stirred or blended to make great winter drinks. Come summer you can substitute stone fruit and berries for the winter citrus.

  • Some of the best advice for someone who is experiencing alcohol dependence in their partner is to go to therapy.
  • Alcoholism has negative consequences on the spouse of an alcoholic partner, but people may have a hard time deciding when it is time to leave an alcoholic husband or wife.
  • Alateen is similar to Al-Anon but it’s for children of alcoholics.
  • You do not influence your spouse’s or special one’s actions.
  • There are several stages of recovery from alcoholism – and there might be several stages of persuading dependent individual to enroll in the treatment program.
  • You may want to seek out a support group for spouses, family, or friends who have been negatively affected by alcoholism.

People can have a varied reaction and tolerance to alcohol and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are alcoholics. However, as functioning alcoholics drink more regularly, they develop a higher tolerance. They still want to feel the buzz or numb out from their problems for a while, so they will begin drinking more as their tolerance to alcohol increases. Nearly 20% of alcoholics are highly functional and well-educated with good incomes.

How to Help an Alcoholic Loved One

The scapegoat is the opposite of the hero in a family dynamic. They are the “problem child” who distracts the family from the person with a substance use disorder. The scapegoat is an outlet for the family to direct some of their anger and frustration while neglecting the real problem. Codependency is a psychological condition or relationship where a person has an unhealthy attachment to another person, who is often controlling or manipulative. The person who is codependent may have low self-esteem and a strong desire for approval from others. But what happens when you or a loved one is not able to stop drinking?

  • The person you used to know and love has vacated the premises, and you are stuck sharing space with an angry, selfish and self-destructive imposter.
  • Do not tolerate hurtful or negative comments addressed towards them.
  • People can have a varied reaction and tolerance to alcohol and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are alcoholics.
  • As harsh as this sounds, you should never take responsibility for the actions of an alcoholic.
  • Not knowing what sobriety will be like can keep someone from changing even though their alcohol use has caused them problems.
  • Stir the discussion to focus on your emotions and state your reservations.

It’s important to remember to prioritize taking care of yourself. Making sure you‘re healthy and safe can make you a better support system for your loved one with AUD, however you chose to be there for them. Each of these medications can have side effects, so it is essential to talk with your healthcare professional about the best medication and overall treatment plan for you. A therapist or support group, such as an Al-Anon family support group, can help you through this challenging time.

Consequences of Alcohol Use Disorder for Family Members & Friends

Describe the emotional and mental stress the behavior is causing. Speak with them when they’re sober
When under the influence of alcohol, a person will have difficulty thinking straight and clear. You can see why talking with them about their problem at such times could be a bad idea. Not only will the person disregard your motivations, he or she won’t be able to differentiate between what’s good and bad for them.

how to live with an alcoholic

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